Our Myron Mixon Smoker, affectionately referred to as “Big Red”, has become known for smoking our meats to delicious perfection, but did you know it cooks our veggies too? We offer meatless BBQ that you won’t want to miss! Here is everything you need to know about our vegetables in the smoker!

All of our vegetables are fresh, and local! Bought from local farmers markets and co-ops, our vegetables are always in season. The farm-to-table approach is important to us because we want our love of locally grown, fresh ingredients to be evident on your plate. Our goal is for the customer to say, “Wow! These are the best veggies that I’ve ever had at a barbeque place!”

Between the grill and the smoke, we treat vegetables like we would treat our meats. As Executive Chef-owner, Ramiro Scavo, says, “We are always using the vegetables to cook the meat, what if we use the meat to cook the vegetables?” And that is exactly what we do. Chopped, oiled and seasoned just as we do with our meats, our vegetables are prepared the same way. This concept uniquely shifts the focal point of the meal to the vegetables. The next step, throw them into the smoker!

From marinated, foil wrapped potatoes, to corn, chilies, onions and more, we combine the seasons most delicious vegetables to create a unique,meatless BBQ that is unlike anything you have ever tried.

Enjoy our meatless BBQ as a light entrée, excellent side dish, or as a gluten-free option!