At Red’s Smokehouse & Tap Room, we are not only known for our succulent barbeque, but also for our selection of craft beers. There’s nothing better than an ice-cold beer that perfectly compliments your meal, and when it comes to beer and barbeque, we have you covered on the best pairings.

With 20 craft brews on tap and over 60 bottled and canned selections, we are sure to have an excellent brew to enjoy with our barbeque dishes. Our selections include local Tucson and Arizona breweries as well as craft beers from all over the country and beyond.

To give you an idea of which kinds of meats go well with certain beers, we’ve got a few suggestions. For example, our German lagers and Czech-style pilsners go great with our pork or sausage dishes as well as our jalapeño torpedos. If you like a hoppier IPA, try our brisket or beef ribs. The local Iron John’s brews also go great with a rack of ribs.

Red’s Executive Chef-owner, Ramiro Scavo says, “The best pairing is always what you like.” And, if you aren’t sure what you like, do not be worried; we’ve got you covered. Scott Miller, one of our managers who may also be referred to as the “beer scientist” has been with us since the creation of the concept of Red’s. He is the man when it comes to beer and especially when it comes to choosing the best beer to pair with barbeque. If you need any suggestions, he’ll be happy to help.