Barbecuing is a popular pastime for many Americans. It’s not only a method of cooking that gives meats and veggies a unique, smoked flavor, but it is also a way of coming together, and that is where Executive Chef-owner Ramiro Scavo drew his inspiration from for opening a BBQ smokehouse here in Tucson.

Starting their careers as minute cooks, Ramiro and his chefs wanted a change of pace from the traditional fast-pace cooking they were used to. And since barbecuing was something that they alwaysenjoyed doing on their days off, it was a natural choice. Scavo wanted a place where he and his chefs could cook all morning and all day, smoking meats to juicy perfection and providing his customers with a dish that felt home-cooked.

In order to achieve that juicy perfection, the process by which the BBQ dishes are smoked is extremely important, starting with the smoker itself. The Myron Mixer Smoker that we use here at Red’s is made by a company whose family has been barbecuing for generations. The machine itself is designed to be able to work well indoors, which was important to Chef Ramiro as he wanted to bring the backyard feel indoors into the restaurant.

Another key component in BBQ is the type of wood used to cook the meats since the wood gives the meat its flavor. Here at Red’s, all of the wood that we use is from Arizona. Pecan and oak woods are used in the smokerand on our wood grill, we achieve capture the taste of the desert using mesquite wood.

Let us share with you our passion for all-American smoked BBQ. Come in and try one of our tasty barbecue dishes or the daily special and be sure to ask for a craft beer to pair!